Paddle Bits

Paddle Bit, Shoe, Dirt Bit, Blade, Duck Bill . . .
What ever you call it we have one for you.

Find the style you like below and call in your order.
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All Purpose


5 Bolt Ditch Witch Pattern
ITC Standard Power Point Bit
Steep Tapered Ripper Bit
Aggressive Paddle Bit
Square Front 4 ½” Bit
Angled Conical Claw Bit
ITC Power Point Heavy Duty
Chevron Carbide Tip Bit
Angled Conical Claw Bit
Clay Cutter Claw Bit
Rough Neck Ripper Bit
Steep Taper Ripper Bit
Tough Bit
Bear Claw Bit
Angled Conical Claw Bit
Power Tip Bit